Nightmare at Airline Check-in Counter

standing-at-the-check-in-counterA few weeks ago I had to make a short trip to a neighbouring country. As usual I waited until the last minute to book my flights and accommodation. At first I went directly to the airline web sites to see if they had any cheap tickets… and when that failed, I used a few booking search engines to find cheap tickets to my destination. The cheapest airline by far was an airline that I had never heard of before… I quickly booked my tickets, selected my seats… but there was no online check-in – very frustrating because I only intended to take hand luggage for my weekend trip and didn’t want to have to stand in a queue to collect my boarding pass. Continue reading

Is Apple Pay Already a Top 5 eCommerce Payment Platform?

Apple PayAbout a week ago a number of web sites featured articles proclaiming Apple Pay on the Web to be the 5th biggest payment platform used by the most popular ecommerce websites. This seemed incredible, given that Apple Pay on the Web launched about 2 months ago and only works with Safari on macOS Sierra and iOS 10… so, I thought I’d delve into it a little for discussion. Continue reading