MasterCard continues to invest in the future of digital wallets

MasterCard recently introduced MasterPass at the Mobile World Congress. In the last few weeks, MasterCard has sought to clarify the relationship between MasterPass and the omnichannel payments platform announced in February.

MasterPass is a range of services built atop the omnichannel payments platform, including a turnkey white label solution and a robust API that can be embedded into other applications designed for wallet issuers to help them extend and enhance their on consumer relationships. Continue reading

Mobile payments… Where art thou?

So I’ve arrived at JFK International, New York, and I have a few hours to while around before my connecting flight to Orlando.

I thought I’d make good use of my time here by scouring the various airport shops (fast food, gift, apparel, luggage, book, and many other kinds of outlets) for signs of Mobile Payments’ ascendancy. If there is a self contained ecosystem where the business case for a limited Mobile Payments pilot would be strongest, this would be it, right? The vast majority of commuters sport the latest smartphones, speed of service (and payments processing) is paramount, etc.

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When the mobile toting consumer reaches the checkout counter

We have been talking about the imminent ascendancy of the smartphone into a payment instrument for the last 5 years… we’ve probably been seriously expecting it to happen over the last 3-odd years… and anyone that was at the Barcelona GSMA congress this year, will have experienced the exhaustion that everyone has with NFC – those who are tired of waiting have been forging ahead with incredible implementations ahead of those that are still talking about it.

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