Nightmare at Airline Check-in Counter

standing-at-the-check-in-counterA few weeks ago I had to make a short trip to a neighbouring country. As usual I waited until the last minute to book my flights and accommodation. At first I went directly to the airline web sites to see if they had any cheap tickets… and when that failed, I used a few booking search engines to find cheap tickets to my destination. The cheapest airline by far was an airline that I had never heard of before… I quickly booked my tickets, selected my seats… but there was no online check-in – very frustrating because I only intended to take hand luggage for my weekend trip and didn’t want to have to stand in a queue to collect my boarding pass. Continue reading

I’m Baaaack!

Life can be tough, sometimes… It can be especially cruel to a lonely blogger who hasn’t been checking if their backup has been working for a while.  A few months ago my self hosted blog crashed. In the day’s following the crash I went through every emotion that I imagine a college student who just realised that the dog really ate their homework would go through. Continue reading