I’m Baaaack!

Life can be tough, sometimes… It can be especially cruel to a lonely blogger who hasn’t been checking if their backup has been working for a while.  A few months ago my self hosted blog crashed. In the day’s following the crash I went through every emotion that I imagine a college student who just realised that the dog really ate their homework would go through.

To add insult to injury, the daily back ups that I thought I had going were not really going. So many hours of my life sitting in front of a computer hammering out pearls of wisdom to share with the world… Gone! It still hurts in the pit of my stomach just thinking about it.

My server host couldn’t explain why the much vaunted disk redundancy that I was paying for had failed to offer much of any redundancy… screaming expletives wasn’t going to bring my data back – and for a person that never uses profanity, I really had some choice words I wanted to share with them.

In the end I was able to find an old backup dating back to sometime in 2013 – 3 years ago! So, you will see that this is my first post since resuscitating my web log. I will probably never be able to recreate the exact elements that led to my inspired analysis and synopsis of Apple Pay when it first launched; ditto for my impassioned advocacy for blockchain and similar distributed ledger technologies. Besides, all that is now passe… ancient history… topics for laggards and bloggers recycling other’s insights to get excited over.

Tomorrow is a new day… new frontiers to conquer, new insights to share, new provocations to make us question everything we take for granted about the way our world works, new canvases to paint depicting new possibilities of the future… and most importantly, new conversations for us to have as we remake the world in our own image of what the future should be.

I’m Back!
(with a working disk redundancy and data backup system)